Superman Radio: "The Meteor from Krypton, part 2" (9/25/1945)

 Five and a half years after the radio show first hit the airwaves, Superman's origin was retold, in a framing sequence. Clark Kent relays his own origin (in the third person, of course!) to Lois Lane and Perry White. 

"As you may or may not know, Superman is a survivor of the planet Krypton..." Kent starts, before going back and telling the whole story to the pair. "The Planet Krypton burned like a wondrous star in the heavens. Here civilization was far advanced..." and he, word for word, repeats the narration from five years before.

It's the same, beat for beat, until Clark gets to "Superman's" ship leaving Krypton, and the conclusion of the episode. It picks up the next day, 9/26, with the infant Superman landing on Earth.

"The rocket landed in a farmer's field, not very far from here," Clark explains, noting the farmer and his wife raised the boy as their own. "They gave him their name.." he goes until clamming up, but White does get him to admit the farmer and his wife "died a few years ago."

And that's it: a retelling of the first episode, doubtless for the benefit of the new generation of kid listeners, with Clark's life in Smallville an afterthought. The next time his origin is approached, it will be in live action, and based not on the comics themselves, but the radio show.


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