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Superman movie serial, 1948

Superman burst onto movie screens in 1948, right as the movie serial format was waning. That didn't phase the Man of Steel, played by Kirk Alyn: the Columbia produced serial proved commercially successful. It was also the first time Krypton and the Kents would get committed to live action.       "In the far reaches of space," the narrator intones across matte paintings of, well, outer space. He hones in on a blue star that was once a planet like our own, a planet named Krypton. "Krypton was a rugged planet, laced with jagged mountain chains rich in strange minerals unkonwn to Earth," he says over footage of a quarry, before settling on the matte painting futuristic city that is the nameless capital of Krypton, one that boasts a race of super-men.       Jor-L, the "foremost man of science," is in his lab working on the rocket that will serve as a prototype for a fleet that could save Krypton's population. Jor-L and Lara are not dressed in the s

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